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Sasse – The distillery for fine spirits in the Münsterland/Germany

Spirits of high value and fine spirits from the beautiful “Westfalia”

The “Münsterland” is wellknown for a typical spirit: for a most absolute type of a brandy. Here some distilleries still produce this brandy in a traditional method.

But only because a brandy comes from a distillery of the Münsterland it isn’t a brandy with excellence at all. A lot of experience, patience and time is necessary for distilling an excellent and wholesome fine spirit like the famous “ Sasse Lagerkorn”.

When we produce our prime spirit like “Lagerkorn” or other fine brandies we profit from the knowledge of our co-workers who know how to use our unique location in the “Münsterland”
First through the combination of purest water out of the quiet hills of the “Baumberge”and our special method of production our fine spirits ripen to unique spirits.

A special part is played by the favourable climate with its characteristic wind and weather and not at last by the ground here at the periphery of the “Baumberge”. So our “ Sasse Lagerkorn” – crowned with intenational prizes – first wins its full unforgettable taste through the maturing in Cognac-barrels. If you still don’t know it you should learn to value it.

At the following pages you find further information about our distillery, our prime spirits and fine brandies, our method of production and many more things. If you like you can visit us. We are looking forward to your coming.

The distillery: The history of our family firm, our aims and standards, the tasks of our co- workers today and the awards we have gained in the concerted acting between family and co-workers.

The secret: Learn more about the unique way of producing our “Sasse Münsterländer Lagerkorn V.S.O.P.”.

Guided tours: Guided tours through our firm: A visit in the Internet is a good thing but a visit at our firm is a special event in any case.

Shop: A room where you can find specialities and rarities has been opened.

Contact: Please give us your suggestions. Only with your criticism we can improve our service


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